Friday, April 4, 2008

Let it be spring...


In all honesty, winter in Indiana didn't start in earnest until after Christmas--they need to let me do something about that calendar--but I swear it's lasted for years.

In all other honesty, not much is going on. My job keeps me busy, plus I allow plenty of time for the blahs. I've never watched much television, you know, because I don't like anything that's on the 250 channels we are alloted by our satellite provider. (You can only watch all the movie renditions of Jane Austen books and "Murder, She Wrote" so many times.)


When it's winter for months and months at a time and your current WIP seems to be indefinitely stuck on Chapter Six, it's amazing what you can watch! I watch M*A*S*H reruns, "Reba" reruns, "Andy Griffith" reruns--do I detect a pattern here?

That being said, it's time for all you romance and women's fiction writers out there to turn from the TV screen to the computer one and get going on an entry to PASIC's Book of Your Heart contest for 2008. The contest is a winner every time. Here's the link
Don't miss your chance to have your entry judged by booksellers from every corner of the country.

Well, there's a platter of brownies in the kitchen calling my name (I can hear it--"Hey, chubby, come on down..."). I wish you all a happy spring.

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