Thursday, October 30, 2008

High Speed Internet Oh My!

It's official! I've joined the 21st century! A cute young fella named Jake attached a satellite to our porch roof yesterday and so I now--even here in North Central Nowhere--have high speed access. I guess it's not as fast as some, but compared to dial-up, I am now at the NASCAR level of Internet. I've registered at Facebook--go over there and be my friend; I'm a little lonely--and have spent way too many hours playing over the past 14 or so hours.

Yesterday I received a "decline" on a book of my heart that I had submitted to a publisher that looked like it would be a very good fit. I have been in this business many years now, but I've never developed the kind of thick skin required. I should be able to say "oh, well" by now, and go on about the business of writing a new story. However.

Instead, I will spend a few days mulling over a decision to quit. Because, you know, I'm not really any good. The books I've sold have been flukes. I'm too old. Too tired. Can't write. Can't even think.

Well, that's done.

So, when I get finished up here, I'll return to my laptop and to my WIP. I'll struggle some. But then I'll write some more. And maybe someday I'll sell another book.

Thanks for listening!

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