Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And then there were three...

It seems so long ago in some ways--good heavens, I didn't even have a computer when my youngest son was born! But in others, it's like the blink of an eye.
We named him Jeremy Sean because #1, we liked the Irishness of Sean, and #2, it was the only name we didn't fight about. For the first few weeks, we called our cotton-topped baby Jeremy. It was, after all, his name. But then, he somehow became, in the baby games my husband played with him, Jock O'Flaherty, and then, inexorably and irretrievably, Jocko. This is what he looked like.

He grew up, as they do, way too fast. His high school football careeer was one of the most fun things we experienced as parents. He was a running back and a kicker and a constant surprise.
Married to the woman I would have chosen for him if he'd let me (though it never occurred to him to even ask my opinion) and the father of Fionnegan, Jock is a source of pride and still a constant surprise. His birthday is February 26.

Happy birthday, Jock. Love you.

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