Thursday, May 28, 2009

As kids-in-law go...

...I have been extremely blessed. I have three, have had them all for a long time, and fully intend keeping them forever.

This month's entry is about the first one, Tahne, who's married to Chris and the mother of my only two granddaughters--one of whom just finished her first year at Ball State and the other who is a volleyball player extraordinaire. But I regress; it's their mother I'm talking about.

Her birthday was over three weeks ago, but I'm behind putting this in. This will be okay with her, I think; she knows she's my girl. During that week in early May, she also celebrated her wedding anniversary and earned her Master's degree. Not that she was excited, but she texted me, " more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks..."

When she went to Paris, she brought me back perfume. From Germany, a Hummel figurine. She wouldn't have to do anything more than love my son and their children--I imagine that's what all mothers-in-law really want--but she loves me and the dad-in-law, too. It's a bonus.

And the feeling's mutual.


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