Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring time and babies...

I do love spring, and we've had an extraordinary April here in North Central Nowhere. I've taken a few days vacation to create a long weekend and am sitting at the dining room table with my laptop. I can see acres and acres of hayfield from where I sit, not to mention thousands of bright yellow dandelions. The house is quiet and I want to be creative, but mostly I am drousy.

It is the best of times.

April 2 was a most delightful day for our family. Eamon Samuel Flaherty, our seventh grandchild and fifth grandson, was born to Laura and Jock, the youngest of our children. There is little in life to compare with the joy of a new baby. Here he is. The picture is sideways, but I can't seem to turn him around. Let it suffice to say he's beautiful.

I've read many books since getting my Kindle, and am still enjoying it immensely. I'm reading Mary Balogh now--Lord Carew's Bride. Her books are always satisfying and she puts me smack in the middle of the Regency period like no one else!

Happy Birthday to my friend Becky Blackburn today. We've been friends for 45 years--since the cradle, right, Beck?--and my life would be so much poorer without her in it.

Have a great spring!

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