Saturday, July 31, 2010


...have always been my favorite days of the week. Still are. But I've enjoyed my recent weekdays off, writing for hours on end instead of minutes early in the morning. Doing laundry at leisure, ignoring dust just as I do on every other day.

I blogged on Word Wranglers today. Hope you stop and visit.

Duane and I were laughing today because of things I do that I haven't for years. I change our sheets every singlie week instead of every couple. I iron pillowcases and handkerchiefs (yes, he uses one every day, a real cotton one.) There wasn't time when I was younger and fuller of energy and much, much thinner and Saturday was the best day.

Sometimes, I don't mind older and heavier. And I love laundry and the smell of clothes as the iron slips over them. Sometimes any day's a Saturday.

I hope you have many of them.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Looking ahead...

I'm home on sick leave this week, a raging case of bursitis and tendinitis. Easy to treat but still painful. But it's giving me a view of what it will be like in six month when I retire. I have to say, it's looking good. Maybe I'll even blog more than four times a year!

Wishing a happy birthday to Mari, our oldest granddaughter, who will be 20 tomorrow--how on earth did that happen? She'll be in her third year at Ball State University this year. We're so proud of her.

What am I reading? Patricia Rice's THE WICKED WYCKERLY and Robyn Carr's A SUMMER IN SONOMA. Both of them are fun reads and both writers make me downright jealous with their voices.

I'm looking for a "theme" for my blog. I've considered naming it "Window Over the Sink" after my long-time newspaper column. Hmmm... Any ideas?

Don't forget, HOME TO SINGING TREES will be out in October!

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